If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Video Rating: 0 / 5 Question by Joe: Is a home equity mortgage the same as a second mortgage? Are the terms interchangable or are they two different things? Best answer: Answer by jwjeepers62Just don’t get a home equity loan on a home you have no equity in.

Question by Ronald P: is it true that the house value here in california will still going down this year? if its true how much more? & when will be the expected time to raise up? thanks & i hope you guys will answer my question honestly.. God Bless you all Best answer: Answer by claudiagiraffeI’ll take a pass on imaginary good tidings from your invisible friend (WTF???) but as long as California thinks it’s normal to, “bid,” on homes and to actually pay more than what it’s selling for, then reality is a long… Read Article →

http://www.peterkinch.com Feb. 7, 2011 The bank of Canada doesn’t meet until March 1st, but Long Term rates will be going up as early as today with many of t… Video Rating: 5 / 5 Question by : Is quoted rate and APR same? Best answer: Answer by HarlequinAlmost never. The quoted rate is generally the “nominal” rate, meaning that it is the interest rate charged on the principal amount borrowed. This rate does not take into account a number of items, including “points” (up-front fees charged when the loan is made), or expenses the borrower… Read Article →

Learn why mortgage interest rates change so rapidly – Colorado Springs Presented by Craig Turner and Chris Courtland with First Priority Financial – The mort… Video Rating: 0 / 5 Question by bboyballer112: Investment Deal? I’m thinking of purhcasing an investment property in downtown dallas texas, what should I analyze that will make sure I get a great deal?? How will I calculate ROI and how would I know if it is a good deal or not? Best answer: Answer by RaoYou need to be more specific as ROI calculation is based on different things… Read Article →

Costco Members – Savings up to 00 over the typical life of the loan. Video Rating: 0 / 5 Question by ON KEE: Foreclosure? Best answer: Answer by magnoliaForeclosure is the legal proceeding in which a bank or other secured creditor sells or repossesses a parcel of real property (immovable property) due to the owner’s failure to comply with an agreement between the lender and borrower called a “mortgage” or “deed of trust”. Commonly, the violation of the mortgage is a default in payment of a promissory note, secured by a lien on the property…. Read Article →

Toronto Mortgage Broker – Eduarda Pita Can I get a mortgage under a corporate name? For more information please contact us at 416-920-9931 and visit us onlin… Video Rating: 0 / 5 Question by terri: What is a rent to own house? I dont understand how these work i ran into quite a few rent to own listings while looking at houses to rent. I didnt find much about them on the internet. Do you pay your monthly rent and something like a morgage payment as well? Do you eventually buy the house from the… Read Article →

One of our Mortgage brokers outlines some critical things to consider when trying to get a home mortgage with a low credit score. See what Mark tells you abo… Video Rating: 5 / 5 Question by fastboymatt: help i currently am lock into a 30 year moragage at 10%? the loan is on a mobile home through green tree? the orginal amount fin. was 38,000 it is for a mobile home my wife signed the contract before we met. our monthly payments are only 325 but at 10% we pay over 3,000 a year in… Read Article →

Jim Walberg interviewing Michael Tacconi regarding the fact that Buyers need to take action now in order to secure the lowest interest rates in U.S. History! Question by maxie: how is U.S. Dollar LIBOR calculated? Best answer: Answer by stevemorris1LIBOR is an abbreviation for “London Interbank Offered Rate,” and is the interest rate offered by a specific group of London banks for U.S. dollar deposits of a stated maturity. LIBOR is used as a base index for setting rates of some adjustable rate financial instruments, including Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs). Know better? Leave your own… Read Article →

http://www.LivingWestpark.com (949)274-3733 What happens to the Orange County Real Estate market once mortgage interest rates go up? Want more information on… Video Rating: 0 / 5 Question by mcbootz: Purchase parents house with FHA loan or can we transfer their loan? I wish to purchase my Mother and Father’s home. I am a first time home buyer and due to Credit score around 600 FHA loans are appealing to me. The home value is est. $ 195k, we have agreed upon $ 160k for a purchase price. My parents carry est. $ 145k mortgage within… Read Article →

BACKUP IN MORTGAGE INTEREST RATES, LOW INCOME GROWTH WILL KEEP U.S. HOME PRICES FROM RISING ANCHOR (OFF-CAMERA) ENGLISH SAYING: As mortgage rates start to tr… Video Rating: 0 / 5 Question by Danny BOO: What Does America Credit Rating mean? Best answer: Answer by exirsmanThe credit rating of the USA is very important as it could impact your daily life. There are three major ratings agencies: Moody’s; Fitch; and Standard & Poors (S&P). Two of the three give our nation AAA status but S&P recently lowered their rating to AA+. If the national “credit rating”… Read Article →

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